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We offer our clients a complete diving experience filled with unforgettable moments. Get the most from your time on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Gozo with a package that is tailored to you. Rest assured knowing your safety, comfort and enjoyment are always top priority

Diving Packages

We offer incredible value dive packages to ensure you get the most from your time with us. Prepare for stunning scenery, beautiful dives and amazing experiences.

  • 1-3 diving – 37€ per dive
  • 4-7 dives – 32 € per dive
  • 8-9 dives – 29 € per dive
  • 10+ dives – 26 € per dive

The price includes the instructor as a dive guide use of weights and tanks. The transport to the dive site and back from Gozo is free.
One of the main blessings of diving on Gozo is variety. A mixture of caves, reefs, tunnels and wrecks. Day and night dives. Shore and boat dives. Perfect for those who know what they want, or newer divers looking to find what sparks their excitement and imagination.

Shore Diving

Entering and exiting the water from the shore is the most popular method on Gozo. Dive sites are often easily accessible by car, and are always a short distance (max 20 minutes) away! This means no time wasted travelling and no rushing to meet boat schedules. Also, we have found that an easy, slow entrance into the water can lessen anxiety in new divers.

Reef Diving

Whether you are cruising around a pinnacle, on top of a lively plateau, or exploring a shallow rocky reef, there are plenty of stunning landscapes housing interesting marine life to satisfy any level of diver.

Deep Diving

Gozo is blessed with deep water as soon as we enter from the shore, with depths of 40m+ available quickly in some parts of the island. This means that a wide range of deep dives are available, with a multitude of stunning landscapes and features to enjoy at depth.

Night Diving

The thrill of diving at night is a unique one. Exploring the darkness with nothing more than torch light is both exciting and sereen. A well known dive site can completely be transformed under darkness, including the creatures you encounter.

Boat Diving

Boat diving allows us to access dive sites we could not usually access. Mooring beneath the imposing cliffs next to the stunning Santa Maria Caves, or just above the famous P31, is always magical.

Swim Throughs

Gozo is blessed with a spectacular coastline, filled with caves, caverns, arches and swim throughs. Truly a playground for divers!

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