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Comino is a small 3.5km sq island. It is nearly at exactly the same distance between Malta and Gozo. Comino is renowned for its solitude and beautiful Cyan waters. With an official population of 4, the island is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary. Peace and beauty are its main assets.
At first glance, Comino strikes you as having a rather barren appearance. Its most visible landmark is the tower. It is situated at its highest elevation and is visible from all parts of the island. The island is a sanctuary of natural beauty. Its clear glittering sea with shades of blue and green provides the best swimming in the Mediterranean. There are rocky reefs, small sandy bays and navigable caverns beneath the coastal cliffs. Last but not least, there is the famous Blue Lagoon – a natural sea pool of unique azure colour.

Places to visit in Comino

There are several places of interest on the island. The most prominent is certainly Santa Marija Tower – a landmark for miles around.
The fort arrived some 200 years late. Back in the middle ages, in 1418, the Gozitans had petitioned their ruler, the Viceroy of Sicily, to have Comino defended. King Alfonso V of Aragon gave permission for this tower to be built. Money was raised by the local government, the University, and through the taxation on imported wine. Unfortunately, the money was used to fund Alfonso’s military exploits and the tower remained unbuilt.

Places to visit in Comino

Cut inside the distant end of Comino, the Blue Lagoon is a massive lake. It attracts sun worshippers by the thousands. More often than not, when one speaks to a local and mentions a visit to Comino, the first thing that springs to mind is the hypnotic blue water of the Blue Lagoon. Whilst Blue Lagoon is not the only attractive site in Comino, it is the reason for which many travellers visit Comino every summer. Simply put, the Blue Lagoon truly leaves you speechless. And even as repeat visitors, this feeling always remains.
Across the lagoon is the islet of Cominotto.

Places to visit in Comino

St. Mary’s Battery was built in 1716 at the same time as various other batteries around the coastline of mainland Malta. It is situated facing the South Comino Channel. It is a semi-circular structure with a number of embrasures facing the sea. The Battery still houses two 24-pound iron cannons. It remains in a fair state of preservation mainly due to its remote location. Its armament originally included four 6-pound iron cannons.

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